This tool holds yarn hanks or skeins of yarn in place when winding yarn into yarn balls. Unlike Steve’s yarn swift, this article has instructions for assembly without feet. If you don't find exactly what you want, or would like a product recommendation, please call the shop directly at 800-441-9665 or contact us for assistance. It promises quick and fun winding of yarns. The classic Stanwood Tabletop Amish Style Swift is a good all-purpose yarn swift. A new product, so no track record of happy customers as yet. Our 24" handcrafted swift / yarn winder can be set up or broken down in a mater of … Thank you so much , Hi Sarah 5 out of 5 stars (3,508) 3,508 reviews $ 48.00. Great list Jodie. What Are Amish Yarn Swifts? By Liz from Long Island NY Answers: Making an Amish Yarn Swift. I love knitting and have met so many other fabulous knitters through this site. This swift works well with all yarn weights from the finest spun cashmere to super chunky merino roving. The shop is long closed and I am picking up knitting needles again and decided I needed my own support tools! Lastly, here is a brand new addition. I thought this one was a bit of fun. The two base pieces fit together, and a short dowel is placed in the middle. Yarn Swifts are adjustable devices in which a hank is placed to wind it into balls. Flag. Here is a fabulous tutorial by Stacey at Very Pink Knits demonstrating this combination of ball winder and metal/plastic yarn swift and how to ball yarn for the best results. Are you ready to make things easier for yourself or someone you know by making the buying decision of having a yarn swift? Add both to Cart Add both to List. Would you mind reviewing Handzcraft Yarn swift as well? It can handle up to 62” skein circumference of a skein of yarn. The Amish wooden yarn swift can easily be adjusted, enabling it to hold various sizes of skeins ranging from the smaller ones to the larger ones. Smooth turning and can handle all sorts of string types, up to 2.5 lbs of fiber,. Something I forgot? Please say hello! It wound up beautifully and is a center-pull cake. Menu Ask a Question Share a Post Account Search. Buy It Now. When choosing the one right for you, think of the space you have, your budget, and the size of hanks you have in your stash. Quality parts can easily come apart for storage. I’m very excited and would love to read your review. Besides, you can also operate this winder with your arms too. An Amish-style yarn swift is made entirely of wood, which I looooove. Amish Swifts vary in price but are cheaper than Umbrella-Style Swifts. Sturdy when on tables as it has 4 non-slip pads on the bottom surface. If you are using a Winder with your yarn swift, you can create yarn cakes, rather than yarn balls. The style has arms that extend out, but there are no clamps. The finish is created by fine sanding, and no varnish or polish is used. The way you use a vertical swift is to place the swift on a table or the floor. FREE Shipping (Canada Post Expedited) In Canada On Orders Over $100. And a smile will instantly appear on your face as you see the neat yarn cakes begin to form with little effort. It’s versatile when it comes to positioning it. Thanks for getting back to me and for sending me the link. I don’t know if you would consider this heirloom quality, but I think it looks nice (has kind of a Shaker feel to it) and doesn’t look like it would be difficult to make without a plan. The vertical swift Kristine owns is from Schacht Goko. Amish-Design Wooden Yarn Swift. What is an Amish yarn swift?. Spins freely and can handle up to hank sizes of 100 inches skein circumference. This Amish, or tabletop, swift, measures up to 60 inches, with 6 possible diameters to hold different size yarn hanks. It’s an item of interest and adds character to their craft room. Fine sanded finish, so no heavy wood varnish fumes. I decided to make a video! Umbrella Yarn Swifts vary in price from inexpensive metal/plastic ones to more exotic wooden ones. Check Current Price On Amazon. You'll agree it's the best deign out there for all your knitting, spinning and weaving needs. A clever device for holding skeins under tension so you can unravel them and easily wrap your yarn into balls or cakes if using a yarn ball winder. Happy Knitting . I am new to all of this and years ago when I first learned to knit our local yarn shop would wind wool for loyal customers even if it wasn’t purchased there. The ChiaoGoo Amish Design Wooden Yarn Swift is a tool that features a smooth finish. Shop Now. The Chiaogoo Amish Design Wooden Yarn Swift features a smooth finish. It sits upright on a table, hence the “tabletop” name. According to Rudder, it took just 15 minutes for her to put together her contraption to make a center-pull yarn cake. C $98.54. Pull the ring of fiber lightly, so the hank’s far side is against the middle shaft. Clamps easily to the edge of a table, bench, or chairs without scratching the surface. Umbrella style swifts have either a flat base for a tabletop surface or a clamp to attach to a table’s side. Very easy to put together and take apart to store! Thanks. Kristine finds it very helpful to re-skein yarns (back into hanks) she has in balls. Good news is, it’s not complicated to assemble. Related Posts: Here Are Some Other Posts That May Interest You, Why Would You Want to get a Yarn Ball Winder? The bottom has 4 non-slip pads so it does not move around on a table. So it means you can clamp it to a variety of tables, shelves, or even a chair. And it can be set up or broken down in a matter of seconds without the use of tools! 14 product ratings - ChiaGoo: Tabletop Amish Style Wooden Yarn Swift Winder. If she had a yarn shop, she would need to upgrade. Winding yarns with a yarn swift – start by clamping the swift onto a table or countertop. Knit Picks Yarn Swift. Yarn swift sits on the table top and features non-skid pads on the bottom to keep it from moving. You can store this YarnYarn swift whole or disassemble some parts. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Simple and easy to use, made of aluminum with high-quality plastic fittings. Let me know. It is made from beautiful beechwood and is handcrafted by artisans. The beauty of using a winder and yarn swift will mean you have center pull cakes. Brand … One good thing about the Amish Swift is if you or someone you know are handy with woodworking, these swifts are not difficult to make. Can handle hank sizes and skeins with a circumference of 8.5ft. This type of swift has a table-top design. A yarn swift is a device that holds a skein or hank of yarn taut. Always thought they were complicated to use. (Make sure to check out her channel, there’s a wealth of information.). Yarn swifts come in many different styles. The Umbrella Swift does fold down and can be easily stored away. My Mom will get one for Christmas :). No need for the ‘knee method’ or using your dining room chair. Able to handle skein lengths of 6ft in circumference. Watch how yarn in hank form becomes neat yarn cakes. The ribs open from the top down, which means you can get the ribs into place because your back muscles help you push them down. Wooden Amish Swift. Kristine demonstrates the vertical yarn ball winder with a yarn hank at point 29:25 if you’d like to jump there. You simply have to move the pegs and you’ll be able to fit in skeins measuring from 2.5ft to 6ft in circumference, which is very convenient when you working with different sizes of yarn. The Best For Most People – This Stanwood Needlecraft Wood Umbrella Yarn Swift Medium is a solid choice, great value, reliable, and suitable for most projects. ?? Or have a question? Watch; Antique Yarn Winder Primitive Wood Spinning Wheel Nice Patina. To use a yarn winder and see your stash of hanks and skeins, becoming neat little yarn cakes can be addictive. It works beautifully and has a smooth spin. The Goko Swift model can only handle yarn loop circumferences of 57” to 64”. Not a big issue. However, the lightness and flexibility of the thin metal wheel are what makes it work so well. $25.95 (You save $24.00) SKU: YW-3 UPC: 843719009069 Shipping: Calculated at Checkout. Built of solid wood, this tabletop Amish Style swift has pegs to make it easily adjustable for smaller or larger rings of yarn. Consider a DIY Yarn swift if you have the skills. When it comes to quality, few models can match what a Stanwood yarn swift can offer. Anyway, it’s made of wood. The yarn swifts in this buying guide are made from a variety of materials and can be used with yarns of a range of weights, from fine to more heavy weight. When I got it, that afternoon I wound all my sock yarn into cakes. This Amish, or tabletop, swift, measures up to 60 inches, with 6 possible diameters to hold different size yarn hanks. 0. This swift has a very traditional appearance and is kept so simple, but so effective. I’m a true believer in saving time. By using this site, you accept our use of cookies. We want to get to the good stuff, which is knitting! These simple DIY plans are great for anyone is is a bit handy with power tools, or knows someone who is. This is considered Knit Picks Signature swift. These swifts for sale range in price depending on the features included. The best yarn swift is the Stanwood Needlecraft Wooden Umbrella Swift Yarn Winder for lots of knitters. So here's how I'm using my yarn swift and yarn winder! Works very nicely with all Yarn Ball Winders on our site. The best yarn swift is one where the swift is made of sturdy, solid materials, like wood, and doesn’t easily break. The table clamp has a range of about 1 1/2 inches to 1 5/8 inches, so it means you can clamp it to tables, shelves, or even a chair. Thanks for a fantastic and very informative article! My dad made me my yarn swift in a couple of hours from these plans using little more than a garden stake and odds and ends he had laying around his shop. You should have two pieces for the stand, two long wooden arms, four long pegs, and one short peg. We always update our posts with comments from our lovely readers. A Squirrel Cage Yarn Swift is a vertical model. Enter Code shipfree At Checkout. According to Rudder, it took just 15 minutes for her to put together her contraption to make a center-pull yarn cake. Note: These instructions apply only to the Stanwood and ChiaoGoo yarn swifts. It is not as adjustable as other types. Practical, easily stored, super design, and the best thing is NO SCREWS OR NAILS to catch the yarn on or to loose. I will make my decision based on your review. Quick assembly allows it to be stored easily. Truly an heirloom quality product. The Stanwood Needlecraft Medium size can hold up to 6ft skein in circumference. Print. Kristine’s husband made one for her. This Amish-design yarn swift is something you've just got to have! There’ll be one end that seems to be on the outside and the other on the inside. or Best Offer +$35.00 shipping. Crafty Stuff. This Amish-design yarn swift is something you've just got to have! The practical functionality of the traditional Amish styling works well as a tabletop swift. This brand new tabletop yarn swift is made of solid wood with a fine finish only by sanding (no toxic varnish fume). This Amish-influenced, table-top swift has non-skid pads to keep it from moving. And not to be overly dramatic, but it was life-changing. I really like this swift. Current Stock: Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity: Description; Attention: This … Developed in the United States, they are generally made out of wood or metal, though other materials may also be used. Here is a list of the 12 Best Yarn Swifts I’ve found. All Rights Reserved. It is a GREAT SPRING SALE PRICE Discounted Price at $54.95 + S/H. 5 out of 5 stars (3,535) 3,535 reviews $ 48.00. An umbrella style swift. Writing the pros and cons in addition to reviews is something very thoughtful. $35.00. Here is a quick checklist to consider when making the buying decision for the best yarn swift: Checking off the above is a good idea before you purchase. The cheaper styles only suit lighter weight yarn fibers with smaller circumferences. Try this folding, simple to use and versatile Amish style table top model (no clamping needed!). One of the more popular varieties is the umbrella swift. The advantage of the piece is the 2.5 feet circumference that can reach up to 6 feet. So it sits on a table instead of being clamped on like an umbrella swift. 2 shorter bars holding the dowels in place on the top, Simple to place the wool loop over the top. Trending at $37.95 Trending price is based on prices over last 90 days. They’re not as sturdy as the wooden ones; people have problems with their durability and, on occasion, breaking. This type of yarn swift is known for its simple design – it is easily assembled, without the use of screws, bolts, or ties. Follow the instructions for assembling your swift and winder, and set them up close near each other on a flat surface. Say goodbye to a tangled mess of yarn. Works well with smaller amounts of yarn. Four adjustable pegs can be easily moved to accommodate a hank of yarn up to 62″ (155 cm). I will check it out. When folded out, it takes up quite a bit of space in the room. Get great deals on eBay! DIY Chuckbox .. Saved by Gail. It can handle up to 62” skein circumference of a skein of yarn. They can be used to hold the fibers while you wind balls by hand. The center shaft is smooth and well made. From United States. Sounds like it would be a great addition to our review. Here’s the link that my friend gave me – Amish Style: Craft Destiny Yarn Swift. Okay, so that is the umbrella swift. What the expert knitters use – if you’re planning to use your swift frequently, this swift is a workhorse. Buy It Now +C $43.36 shipping. Learn more, Stanwood Needlecraft Wood Umbrella Yarn Swift Medium, Stanwood Needlecraft Wooden Umbrella Yarn Swift Large, Stanwood Needlecraft Wooden Umbrella Yarn Swift Medium, Stanwood Needlecraft Tabletop Amish Style Wooden Yarn Swift, Nirvana Needle Arts Twister Tabletop Yarn Swift - Limited Edition Rosewood, Nirvana Needle Arts Twister Tabletop Yarn Swift – Limited Edition Rosewood. (I highly recommend using a Ball Winder.). The Goko Yarn Swift is a Japanese design style based on industrial swifts. Explore. Tough, sturdy, and reliable enough to pass onto the next generation, the only one you will ever buy. This swift combines all the best attributes of the other DIY swifts I liked, without as many setbacks. Jan 16, 2017 - Instructions for building a DIY yarn swift. There are various types of yarn swifts on the market – straightforward metal and plastic ones and beautiful wooden yarn swifts. And it can be set up or broken down in a matter of seconds without the use of tools! It can sit on a flat surface and stored whole or in pieces when unassembled. There are numerous types, and they can be handheld, tabletop design, umbrella-style, or vertical. The manufacturer selects wood pieces without scars or blemishes. It is possible to disassemble and pack away pieces. Well made, nice spin. Fully collapsible, which means it stores easily. Some are tall and stand on the floor. The wood base is heavy enough to stay in place while spinning. Tabletop Portable Yarn Swift. It’s too early to tell if it’s better than the rest. This will make things easier. The peg holes are labeled with the size skein in both inches and centimeters, which other users have found very helpful. Cutehill Umbrella- Best Budget Option. Here’s what she said. Email. The best yarn swifts are a great tool to have. Hi. An Amish Yarn Swift (otherwise known as a tabletop yarn swift) is a swift of simple wooden design. Then you are ready to start winding your ball. In this video I give a brief overview of three styles of yarn swifts: umbrella, Amish tabletop, and vertical. Note: Clicking the above links will take you to further information, current prices, and customer reviews on Amazon. Our newest model melds the simplicity of our popular tabletop swift arm design with the stability and durability of a sealed metal ball bearing system. Using this combination, can you imagine how much neater your fiber stash will look? My dad made me my yarn swift in a couple of hours from these plans using little more than a garden stake and odds and ends he had laying around his shop. It's a device designed to hold a hank of yarn, which rotates to let you pull the yarn off steadily as you wind it into a ball or cake. Of course, the buying decision is yours. Some people might not like the hemp ties that hold parts of the machine. A Yarn Swift is made of either wood or metal and plastic. Swedish umbrella style which spins freely and can handle up to 100 inches in circumference. My posts contain affiliate links. So glad you’ve found our reviews for Yarn Swifts helpful. They usually have pegs for sizing. Putting it together isn’t difficult. The table clamp has a range of about 1 1/2 inches to 1 5/8 inches. If you have space in your home for a swift on the table, then the Amish Yarn Swift would be an option. Sanded finish and made of solid wood, is a cinch to store and built to last. Be aware these swifts take up a lot of space, and storing one is an issue. The pegs in the arms hold the yarn hank in place as the yarn swift spins. Quick to set up and packs down for storage. Here is the video. There are several things I like about this swift–it’s easy to assemble and store (it only has a few pieces) and it’s simple to use. No toxic or unusual smelling varnish fume. Frequently bought together + Total price: $88.99. Swifts and skeinwinders are used to wind hanks of yarn. Wooden Base and Metal wheel Combination: This works vertically with only a few parts. Quality over everything else, the Yarn Swift from Knit Picks comes with one of … Made of hard maple wood, with metal ball bearings that make it spin smoothly. By Liz from Long Island NY Answers: Making an Amish Yarn Swift. Some clamp to a tabletop or counter; some sit on a table. Readers have got in touch and said they’ve found it works great as a basic, budget option and for knitters who won’t be winding lots. They allow for trouble-free balling, free from tangles and knots. DIY Yarn Stand With Motorized Yarn Winder - Duration: 4:28. Do I need a yarn swift? My first yarn swift cost me $7 to make, and because I dye yarn, I soon found the need for a second swift, which cost me $17 because I had used up extra wood in my garage for my first swift.