Your English is fine, you don't have to apologize for it. I hate the jobs that appear to be available to me (my major is physics). You can think of return on investment in education as the earning potential of a degree minus the cost of getting that degree. In my Engineering job roles include the following: mechanical engineer materials engineer electrical engineer electronics engineer The focus of your engineering degree will affect the types of engineering jobs you are suited to. As a result, MEng programmes are usually accredited by official bodies responsible for overseeing these professions. I'm not saying I have forgotten everything I have s Ask a question For example, I had a general civil engineering undergraduate degree that was focused in design, so I did my M.S. I don't really have any interests, or at least any interests that I would want to turn into careers, so don't advise me to "do what I like", because I don't know what that is. If you did engineering already "determined to go to graduate school to actually make some decent money and get out of the engineering racket", then I question your sanity, as only a crazy person gets a degree that he or she A while back, I received an email from a reader who is going back to school for an engineering degree. A levels – To get on to an engineering-related degree, you will usually require a minimum of two A levels, with three A levels and A/B grades required for the most popular courses. My father would have been very proud of his grandson Kevin, who earned an engineering degree from the University of Missouri in May and, yes, he did find a high-paying job. I hate my degree, I hate my classes, I hate everything about engineering with a passion that feels like it will burn me up. ). Studying civil engineering provides you with a range of technical skills valued by employers in various sectors, including engineering, construction and property. Hello guys, I'm wondering how much of my engineering degree an employer might expect me to remember. I just did what my domineering, personality-disordered parents told me to do. Here are some options if you feel the same You should have switched after the first week, but you didn’t. Engineering is the application of science and math to solve problems to improve the world around us. First: no, you are not a failure, and none of … After spring break last semester, I went to class a grand total of 10 times. in most engineering fields has one of the best values available. in civil engineering with an emphasis on construction management. How to Assess Various Types of Engineering Degrees Prospective engineering students should consider which degree will lead to their dream job, experts say. Problem is I hate my job, I hate the feild. I have told my husband that I really am considering teaching, but the pay cut would be over 35,000 a year. Engineering Degree Return on Investment (ROI) As far as four year college degrees go a B.S. 5 Things I Hate About My Tesla Model 3 - Tesla Makes Bad Cars! Neither myself nor any of my four siblings became engineers and only one of my parents’ 12 grandchildren graduated with an engineering degree. SOS. I hate my liberal arts degree too! If you are graduating with a degree in engineering, it's likely that you will be looking at going into a particular career that uses your specialist knowledge, although this depends very much on your specific discipline. My degree in French and Spanish – despite being a decent grade from a good university – is not worth the paper it's written on. I hate my job. My final point here is that I am of the opinion that no one is "too stupid" to pass engineering courses. Discover roles you can enter as a school leaver – in some cases without A-levels. At least, it's better than my Spanish, particularly at the end of a long shift. To decide if you want to get a 4 year degree in engineering, take engineering related economics. Engineering taught me so much about the physical world I live in and how things work. In my opinion and experience, it comes down to passion for a subject, which affects the motivation to work to learn that subject Find out all about it from our website. I bacially got my degree because if fit in with were I want to go to school to play volleyball. If … An engineering degree is an investment that can take your career in many directions. I didn't know it was gonna turn out to be a death sentence! Do you mind please relating how you stumbled upon the I'm graduating soon with a Bachelor's in Software Engineering, however during the course of getting my degree I decided I do not want to be a programmer. He asked me to write a detailed post on why I gave up my engineering career.Engineering is a great field to get into. Entry requirements to a Master of Engineering degree include a 3-year bachelor engineering degree (Laurea). I only showed up on test days Google の無料サービスなら、単語、フレーズ、ウェブページを英語から 100 以上の他言語にすぐに翻訳できます。Google 翻訳について 協力 プライバシーと利用規約 ヘルプ フィードバックを送信 Googleに … I hate the courses. I hate my degree. New Zealand [ edit ] In New Zealand , the Master of Engineering degree is generally a research based degree requiring completion of a thesis in key universities ( University of Auckland , University of Canterbury , etc. will probably include pre-written implementations. I hate my PhD This is a common feeling, but what makes it worse is that it is easy to end up trapped by your PhD. Yet at the same time, I don't know what else I WOULD want to do, should I change my program. My point was that that the OP shouldn't worry too much about the algorithms she may have studied during her degree because many languages/platforms (.net, Java, C++, etc.) Can you do engineering jobs without a degree? Overview of Field Engineering is a wide field of study that includes several disciplines. You don't need a bachelor's to work in engineering or enjoy the same career benefits as engineers. Here are 13 Jobs in Engineering that Don't Require a Degree. What 3. I hate the path I'm on. It’s a myth that you always need a degree to get into a rewarding and potentially well-paid engineering career. At school, I was in the top set for maths. Welcome to the modern world, a world that drills into us from a young age that money = happ I minored in Business Management and really enjoyed that, particularly the management side of psychology and the basics of the processes involved with restructuring a business, but don't really want to throw away my programming degree … An engineering major sees classmate riding up on a new bike and asks when he got it. If you have a job you hate, then you look for another one. There’s a lot I dislike about my degree and many students hate theirs. Top 5 Reasons It Sucks to Be an Engineering Student For many students, earning a degree in engineering is less than enjoyable and far from what they … Find out why you should study it, entry requirements, and what jobs you can do with a engineering or tech degree. If not, try Architecture or something. Careers for engineering graduates Some of the areas of work employing engineering … If you can get a half good grade in something like that, engineering is right up your alley. You don’t necessarily have to hold a Bachelor of Science in engineering to be employed by an engineering company and take part in many of the career benefits engineers enjoy. Students who study an MEng almost always intend to become professional engineers, or work in related fields. Getting a degree in engineering provides a really solid foundation for the rest of your life, whether you pursue a career in the field or not. I've dropped 30% in grades since my second year and now I'm tip-toeing failing/passing every class. "I was walking back from the computer lab when the most beautiful woman I had ever seen rode up on this bike, stopped, took all her clothes off and said to me 'Take what you want!'" The MEng is a highly specialised Masters degree in Engineering. With a solid grasp of science, mathematics and technology, you'll learn to design, create and build structures efficiently, making best use of available resources and techniques. Not seeking a master’s degree solely to bolster your resume, but making sure you choose a discipline that matters for your career. Thinking about studying engineering or technology? "Good choice," the … I ended up finishing and have a great job and my husband(who is also an engineer) and I just built a really nice house. I really love physics, and I told my parents about my interest. I Have Research Interest … An associate in engineering degree is the first step towards achieving success in the field of engineering. I'm in my 3rd year of my mechanical engineering program and I hate it. They want me to become an engineer, but I hate engineering (too practical, too far from physics), and I don't enjoy fixing things. View Academics in I Have My B.Sc Engineering Degree In Computer Science and Engineering and a Masters In Business Management.