Cordyline canniifolia R. Brown 1810 (Palm Lily) is a shrubby understorey plant, native to rainforests and eucalyptus forests in northern Queensland and the Northern Territory of Australia. Cordyline ‘Torbay Red’, also known as ‘Cabbage Tree Torbay Red’, a recipient of the prestigious RHS Award of Garden Merit, for its outstanding qualities, is an erect palm like evergreen garden tree or large shrub with gracefully arching narrow red leaves. The Cordyline Torbay Dazzler is a densely growing, palm like plant that produces broad, luxuriant, cream and green, strap like foliage. A Torbay palm Cordyline australis with a heavy fall of snow on the leaves. Le plant est bien érigé, même si à maturité, les feuilles retombent vers le sol. 7.5ltr. Conseil d'entretien : En fin d'hiver, supprimez les feuilles abimées à sa base. Conseil d'entretien : En fin d'hiver, supprimez les feuilles abimées à sa base. Also known as the cabbage palm, Cordyline australis 'Torbay Red' has deep bronze-red leaves, making it a perfect plant to add contrast of form and colour in a mixed border. A striking evergreen shrub, Cordyline australis 'Torbay Dazzler' will add spectacular Mediterranean style to your garden this summer. Torbay Palm, or Cabbage Palm (Cordyline australis) is a member of the Asparagus family (Asparagaceae), an evergreen tree-like plant that grows to 20m. Refer friends × × zoom Click to enlarge Pair of Cordyline Pink Passion - Stunning Hardy Torbay Palms. Cordyline Torbay Red is an amazing a small evergreen palm-like tree that can be grown both in large containers and in the open ground. La Cordyline australis a des feuilles arquées, coriaces , en touffes ou en rosettes, lancéolées à linéaires mesurant 30 à 90 cm de long. Dans nos jardins, elle est bien plus petite qu’en milieu naturel et ne dépassera pas 6 à 10 m de hauteur pour 4 mètres d’étalement après au moins 5 années de culture. Pour finir, comment passer à côté de la Cordyline X banksii ? This palm sometimes known as the New Zealand 'Cabbage tree' or Cabbage-palm. Cordyline australis 'Torbay Dazzler' (Cabbage Tree) ID43. Cordyline australis est une espèce de monocotylédones arborescentes, largement ramifiée, endémique de Nouvelle-Zélande.Il atteint jusqu'à 20 mètres de haut [2] avec un tronc robuste et des feuilles en forme d'épée, qui sont regroupées à l'extrémité des branches et peuvent mesurer jusqu'à 1 mètre de long. £3.99. Mature plants produce clusters of sweetly scented, ivory-white blossom in the summer and berries in the autumn, so the bees and birds will love it too! Origine botanique : Horticole ; obtenteur Torbay palm farm (GB) 1980 En fin d'hiver, supprimez les feuilles abimées à sa base. Produces fragrant, white flowers in the summer. DescriptionThis large hardy green Cordyline, also know as the cabbage or torbay palm, this looks excellent in a pot or in the border.Although a hardy plant, it does not like excessive winter wet, so makes it perfect for a well drained planter on the patio. Cette plante originaire d'Australie est un bel ajout tropical à votre jardin. Free postage. Email me when back in stock. These hardy "Pink Passion" Cordylines are really taking the garden world by storm, and it's not hard to see why. La Cordyline autralis est semblable à un petit palmier formant de longues touffes de feuilles linéaires d'un jaune crème striées de vert. Feuillage : Persistant. En résumé, ce qu’il faut savoir : Nom : Cordyline australis Famille : Agavacées Type : Plante exotique Hauteur : 3 à 5 m Exposition : Très lumineuse Sol : Léger, bien drainé. En plus, cette cordyline a fait ses preuves en matière de robustesse et de facilité d'entretien. Postcard. Très graphique et attractif, il reste décoratif toute l'année. Cordyline "Dazzler" (Cordyline australis "Torbay Dazzler"), also known as Torbay Dazzler grass palm, is an upright, palm-like tree with strappy green and creamy white leaves. Sweetman. Cordyline Torbay Dazzler is a perennial palm like plant¬†with long sword shaped leaves of green boldly striped with yellow edges and pink tones. Other common names include cabbage palm, cabbage tree, Torbay or Cornish palm. 6 sold. This sub tropical Cabbage tree is fast growing and once the roots are established can put on a foot a year. La cordyline est une très jolie plante à l’allure exotique digne des plus belles cartes postales. Dans la nature, la cordyline peut atteindre 20 m de hauteur. The Cordyline australis Dazzler is distinguished mainly by its dark green leaves, which have creamy white stripes. La cordyline 'Torbay Dazzler' est lumineuse et décorative toute l'année. Cordyline d'Australie Red Star Disponible; Lire la description détaillée. An appealing decorative and architectural plant for your garden! You can grow it in your garden, in a container on your verandah or in your favourite pot inside. 3ltr. £51.99 to £64.99. £1.70 postage. Vintage Postcard of Torre Abbey Sands & Palm Court Hotel, Torquay. La Purple Tower ressemble beaucoup à un palmier avec son feuillage caractéristique aux longues feuilles dressées, en forme d'épée. In addition, 'Dazzler' proves to be a robust and easy-to-keep shrub. It will also thrive in the garden on free draining fertile soil. Du côté des feuillages lumineux et éclatants, misez sur la Cordyline australis « Torbay Dazzler », aux feuilles jaunes striées de vert. Caractéristiques. Cordyline australis 'Pink Passion' or 'Seipin' (Cabbage Palm) is an incredibly showy evergreen shrub with arching, sword-like, gray-purple leaves adorned with bold pink margins. torbay palm… Cordyline australis 'Torbay Dazzler' £69.99 7.5 litre pot available to order from spring 2021 Buy Cordyline australis 'Torbay Dazzler': Jazzy brightly striped leaves Arrosez régulièrement par temps sec pour favoriser sa croissance. Une plante incontestablement architecturale et décorative pour votre jardin! A great hardy plant that brings dramatic shape and colour to the garden, and looks great in containers. Son feuillage rubané est strié de larges bandes jaunes à crème. Elle développera lentement un joli petit tronc. Ajouter à ma liste d'envie. £0.99 . Les feuilles de la Cordyline ‘Torbay Dazzler’, présentent une nervure centrale rosâtre, un centre vert jade et des marges crème. The emblematic Torbay Palm cordyline australis Verde has long been associated with the … Torbay Dazzler Dracaena Palm Cordyline australis 'Torbay Dazzler' Sku #2785. Adding drama year-round with its bold colors and tropical look, this beautiful palm introduces substance to the garden and your containers. Cordyline Australis aka torbay cabbage palm. cordyline torbay dazzler palm tree approx 3 ft including pot . Tropical Curtains Exotic Torbay Palm Leaves. Cordyline australis 'Torbay Dazzler' Identification Sheet Origin New Zealand Genus Cordyline Species / Cultivar australis Common name(s) variegated Cabbage Tree Situation Full sun to part shade, any well-drained soil Eventual height 10m Eventual spread 6m Hardiness-6C or lower Skill level Easy. Find palm trees here such as Trachycarpus fortunei or ferns like Dicksonia antarctica. Elle offren des fleurs parfumées n'excédant pas 1 cm de diamètre, comptant 6 pétales, qui sont groupées en panicules terminales atteignant 1,5 m de long. Cordyline australis - Torbay Palm - 50 and 100 seeds.. Grow your own palm tree. spherical berries Paignton. Le Cordyline australis 'Purple Tower' est une belle plante ornementale qui demande peu d'entretien. £19.99-+ Add to Cart. Cordyline d'Australie Torbay Dazzler Disponible; Lire la description détaillée. A balcony overlooks Phormium Tenax variagata with a cordyline australis behind growing in a Devon garden. £24.99. Une hybridation incontournable dont la principale particularité est de ne pas développer de tronc. Additional information. Trouver en jardinerie. See our Musa basjoo, Yucca Rostrata and other exotics plants for sale! This versatile, palm-like evergreen tree lends a tropical feel to landscapes. Arrosez régulièrement par temps sec pour favoriser sa croissance. £59.95. Cordyline Australis - 20+ seeds. Cordyline australis 'Torbay Dazzler' (Cabbage Tree) is an architectural spiky plant that is coloured a light pale grey/green with a yellow leaf edging. The pendulous raceme of small white flowers is followed by red berries. POT SIZE GUIDE. Today I show you How To Grow a Cordyline From a Cutting, and I give you some Growing Tips and tricks. Retrouvez tous nos conseils d’entretien pour avoir une belle cordyline : With its long, arching sword-like green foliage that typically grows on a single stem, Torbay Dazzler has a distinctive palm-like appearance and compact growth, making it perfect as a container plant to jazz up patios and sunny balconies. Arrosez régulièrement par temps sec pour favoriser sa croissance. £18.99. £1.75 to £2.85. In the summer, this variety is … Cordyline australis Torbay Dazzler Cordyline. Pour un beau jardin, le coach vous recommande d'utiliser du terreau ou paillage, SILENCE, ça pousse! Son aspect exotique est idéal pour animer les massifs, rocailles ou les balcons terrasses. A striking evergreen shrub, Cordyline australis 'Torbay Dazzler' will add spectacular Mediterranean style to your garden this summer. Frequently asked questions about garden palm trees. Good¬†in cool to tropical zones. 5ltr. Cordyline are palm-like evergreen shrubs or tree-like perennials, with rosettes or tufts of linear or anrrowly lance-shaped, leathery leaves, and terminal panicles of fragrant, cup-shaped flowers followed by small. For Sale is a Used ORDYLINE AUSTRALIS TORBAY See photos for details We welcome REASONABLE offers for our fix-price items Please ask all your questions before end of sale We will gladly answer any. £39.99 -+ Add to Cart. £1.10 postage. Étroites et effilées, les feuilles peuvent mesurer 60 cm (2 pi) de longueur. Pair of Cordyline Pink Passion - Stunning Hardy Torbay Palms; Share . Whilst there a number of more colourful varieties the most popular and most readily available Cordyline plants are the green C. australis and C. australis 'Red Star'. Tweet. E.A. The Cabbage palm or Torbay palm as I prefer is an iconic plant that adds a touch of the exotic to a garden. Also known as the Cabbage Palm, this Cordyline is characterized with long blades of bronze-red leaves and panicles of white flowers in summer. The thin brown 5-10ft canes are crowned with glossy-green, lanceolate leaves whose under-surface is a glaucous green. With its long, arching sword-like green foliage that typically grows on a single stem, Torbay Dazzler has a distinctive palm-like appearance and compact growth, making it perfect as a container plant to jazz up patios and sunny balconies. Cordyline fruticosa qui est une plante d’intérieur, Cordyline banksii et Cordyline stricta sont également peu cultivées sous nos latitudes. Product ref: DEAL12645. Torbay palm after flowering in summer by a garden pond. La Cordyline australis, en latin Dracaena australis, est une plante arbustive pour le moins dépaysante, qui exprime avec élégance tout le charme des antipodes.Elle ressemble à un petit palmier doté de longues feuilles regroupées en touffes, d'où émergent, en été, sur des sujets âgés, d'immenses panicules de fleurs blanc-crème et odorantes qui restent longtemps décoratives. Flowering Cordyline australis in Cornwall, UK. Three Palms Hotel, Sea Front. Choose a warm, sunny to partly shaded position that has well drained, fertile soil. Branching growth of the variegated cabbage palm, Cordyline australis 'Torbay Dazzler' Torbay palm after flowering in early autumn by a garden pond. Bright, multi-colored, narrow, sword-like leaves will bring areas around swimming pools alive, with its vibrant ribbons of green and creamy gold, and reddish highlights near the center. Click & Collect. Giant palm outside new Hampton Hilton hotel in Torwood Street, Torquay.